These Eye-Popping Staircase Ads Are Simple But Brilliant

staircase ads

Photo: UpStares Media

The Northeastern U.S.—New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington—is thick with two things: museums and public transport hubs. Both environments have oversized staircases.UpStares Media of Livingston, N.J., has taken advantage of this architectural quirk by specializing in staircase advertising since 2004. Its patented adStep product utilizes the riser above each step in a staircase. When viewed from a distance, the strips combine to form a complete picture, often in the form of a visual pun.

UpStares has done projects all over the U.S., including Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland, Calif.

Kaiser Permanente, for instance, did a disorienting staircase ad that appeared to show footprints on a sandy beach leading to blue waves at the top of the flight.

Nationwide Insurance turned a staircase in Las Vegas into a steep roadway with an out-of-control car barreling down on climbing pedestrians. The tagline: “Life comes at you fast.”

Body Worlds at the Franklin Institute Philadelphia

Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

CBS At Penn Station in New York

Florida Keys, Also In Penn Station

Kaiser Permanente At The Oracle centre in Oakland, Calif.

Look closely: There's more going on here than meets the eye.

King Tut at the Franklin Institute Philadelphia

Kraft used a dual visual/language pun for Macaroni & Cheese. Also At Penn Station.

Lion King At Hunt Valley Mall in Maryland.

M&Ms: Six Flags in New England.

Nationwide at Fashion Show Drive in Las Vegas

Merrill Lynch: Boston South Station.

The Rockettes: Penn Station.

Save Darfur: Montgomery BART Station In San Francisco.

Skittles: Six Flags In Washington, D.C.

Special K: Penn Station.

Note that Kellogg used the full range of the medium and didn't just impose an image on the stairway.

Star Wars exhibit at The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia

Starbucks in Grand Central Terminal In New York.


The Art of Shaving: Grand Central.

Trident: Six Flags In Los Angeles.

Under Armour: The Modell's Store on 42nd Street In New York.

Wicked: Penn Station.

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