Which Company Twitter Handles Have the Most Fake Followers?

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As Twitter becomes a more and more significant component to companies’ marketing campaigns, brands covet their hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers. But how many of these followers are real, engaged consumers versus fake accounts?Business Insider recently wrote about a new app that calculates how many fake Twitter accounts are following you and your friends. With the app, Status Group, in hand, alongside a list of the top brands on Twitter, we decided to figure out who has more fake Twitter followers: the top product brands using Twitter or the top social brands using Twitter (including Twitter). And you might be surprised by the results.


We created our list of 20 by combining the top 10 brands brands on Twitter with the top 10 social brands, based on Twitaholic’s most followed list. We then ran each of the Twitter handles through Status Group’s app. In the case where there was a tie for fake followers we ranked based on the total number of followers.

How Status Group Works:

StatusPeople takes a sample of a user’s followers and assess them against a number of “simple spam criteria,” which the company defines as accounts with few or no followers and few or no tweets. While the app works especially well for those with 10,000 followers or less, Status Group discloses that it primarily measures current follower activity rather than the entire database of followers.

20. TwitCam (Social): 4,877,912 Followers and 12% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @twitcam

19. Instagram (Social): 7,853,253 Followers and 14% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @instagram

18. Playstation (Product): 1,329,000 Followers and 15% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @PlayStation

17. UberSocial (Social): 7,884,848 Followers and 15% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @UberSoc

16. Nike (Product): 475,000 Followers and 16% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @Nike

15. Tom's (Product): 1,666,000 Followers and 16% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @Toms

14. Southwest Airlines (Product/Service): 1,355,000 Followers and 18% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @SouthwestAir

13. Delta Airlines (Product/Service): 340,000 Followers and 18% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @Delta

12. Blackberry (Product): 998,000 Followers and 19% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @BlackBerry

11. JetBlue (Product/Service): 1,676,000 Followers and 20% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @JetBlue

10. TwitPic (Social): 8,008,880 Followers and 21% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @TwitPic

9. Etsy (Product/Service): 1,652,000 Followers and 22% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @etsy

8. Whole Foods (Product): 1,666,000 Followers and 23% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @WholeFoods

7. Woot (Product): 1,634,000 Followers and 24% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @woot

6. Starbucks (Product): 2,625,000 Followers and 24% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @Starbucks

5. YouTube (Social): 15,215,565 Followers and 33% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @YouTube

4. Google (Social): 5,189,231 Followers and 38% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @google

3. Facebook (Social): 4,432,836 Followers and 47% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @facebook

2. Twitter (Social): 12,657,173 Followers and 47% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @twitter

1. Twitter Espanol (Social): 9,771,837 Followers and 61% Fakes

Twitter Handle: @twitter_es

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