These Cities Have The Hottest Bars And Restaurants Featured On The Silver Screen


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Whilesome of our favourite food fights and slap stick moments happen on a studio set, many movie and television scenes are filmed in popular and famous restaurants and bars.Most of them are fairly accessible locations that you can actually visit on your next trip to Los Angeles, Paris, Boston, New York, or Berlin.

Walk in the footsteps of your favourite stars, and witness the surroundings to the sets of some famous films and shows around the globe.

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Los Angeles- I Love You, Man and Pretty Woman

Paris- Sex and the City

Fans of Sex and the City can visit the location where Miranda met her boyfriend's ex-wife with a trip to Kong in Paris. A breathtaking setting with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the city, Kong's Paris locale fits right in along with many of the other unique restaurants and bars in NYC featured in Sex and the City like Monkey Bar, where Carrie sets her sights on a Jazz Man.

Boston- Three's Company and Cheers

Even though Three's Company stopped filming in 1984, the iconic bar, The Regal Beagle, is still going strong. This Boston location is not where the show was filmed, but instead was opened as a throwback. The décor is strikingly similar to the set of Three's Company; you'll feel transported into a rerun sitting at the bar. Come and knock on their door!

The bar, from the hit television comedy Cheers, was initially just a normal pub in Boston. Its façade was shot as a setting for the show and once the ratings went through the roof, the owners quickly renamed the pub after the classic sitcom. While the interior wasn't filmed in the show, visitors can still sit at the bar sipping on drinks named after the Cheers characters. Grab a Coach's Cocktail or a Woody's Wonder!

New York- Gossip Girl

One of the most frequently filmed locations in the show Gossip Girl is New York's Empire Hotel, which is owned by the fictional character Chuck Bass. The famous rooftop restaurant of this hotel is home to many bitch fights, face slaps, adulterous kisses, and cocktail parties in the show; the lobby and rooms are also used as filming locations. If you're lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the star-studded cast during one of its many shoots around the hotel.

Berlin- Herr Lehmann

Want to scope out some more awesome restaurants and bars?

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