These Cave Paintings Could Show Humans Were Fascinated With Aliens And UFOs 10,000 Years Ago

Indian archaeologists want NASA to help determine if prehistoric humans were painting aliens and UFOs 10,000 years ago, or just very creative.

The Chhattisgarh state department of archaelogy investigated the paintings, which were found in the tribal Bastar region in India’s northeast.

Archaeologist JR Bhagat said the paintings in caves under the villages of Chandeli and Gotitola show groups of humanoid figures missing their mouths and noses. Some, he told the Times of India, appear to be wearing “spacesuits”.

While the humanoid figures may have been creative representations, of particular interest to Bhagat was one painting resembling a classic Hollywood spaceship:

Bhagat said he could’t refute the possibility that prehistoric humans “may have seen or imagined beings from other planets” but as Chhattisgarh didn’t have any experts in the field, he was reaching out to NASA and India’s own space research organisation, ISRO, for advice.

Online forums have been generally positive about the find, but there is some skepticism about whether the paintings have been accurately dated.

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