These before and after photos show the devastation in Sydney caused by the weekend's storms

Photo: Facebook.

The east coast of Australia was savaged by a powerful storm over the weekend, causing what is so far estimated to be worth $38 million in damages.

One of the hardest hit areas was Collaroy Beach, a hour north of the Sydney CBD.

On Sunday night, 13-metre high waves and king tides eroded the sea wall of the beach causing luxury properties to fall into the sea.

One house has become the poster for the extent of the damage inflicted. It lost its entire front yard to the ocean, including its luxury in-ground pool.

The owner of that property, who has lived there for three years, told Network Ten’s The Project that she had purchased the property with the money her mother left her as inheritance and that her mother’s ashes were buried in the yard now swallowed by the surf.

“There was a big crack in the ground and then that started to go beneath us, and then the sea started to encroach our property,” Zaza Silk said.

“The council have known about this for a long time, and they should have put a wall up before then.

“They’ve known that the land there is unstable. They’ve had this incident happen before… the sea washed away a large part of the beach not too long ago, and they have done nothing about it.

“This could have been avoided.”

Here’s a look at a before and after photo of Collaroy Beach, which shows the extensive coastal damage caused by the weekend’s storms.

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