These Awesome Sculptures Were Made With Hay Bales

Hay bale art from Tarrington, Victoria.

They do things a little differently at Tarrington in rural Victoria.

Part of it is the town’s German heritage and part a country sense of humour.

Each year the town of fewer than 200 people celebrates Laternenfest when they bring out the beer, bratwurst and Germany heritage.

They also have a hay bale art competition as part of Laternenfest. This year there are 42 entries using more than 60 bails.

Coordinator Colin Huf told ABC Radio the bales weren’t easy to find this year because the farmers have had a tough season.

The hay bales stay up until the New Year when they go to local stock as feed.

Here’s a selection of the entries posted to the town’s Facebook page:




Echidna, the winner.

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