These are the world's top cities ranked by the connectivity of their Twitter users

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Rome and Paris attract the most diverse visitors while London and New York are the most connected with other cities, according to research using data from Twitter.

Researchers analysed more than 20 million tweets to measure the influence of cities.

Dr Maxime Lenormand of the IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems) in Spain and colleagues took a new approach to quantify city influence based on human mobility.

“Cities are characterized by concentrating population, economic activity and services,” the researchers write.

“However, not all cities are equal and a natural hierarchy at local, regional or global scales spontaneously emerges.

“In this work, we introduce a method to quantify city influence using geolocated tweets to characterise human mobility.”

This map shows the top Twitter cities and the flows between them:

Rome and Paris appear consistently as the cities attracting the most diverse visitors. The ratio between locals and non-local visitors turns out to be fundamental for a city to truly be global.

New York and London play a dominant role on a global scale. There are Twitter strong flows between Singapore and Sydney and between North America and Sydney.

Here are where the most tweets are coming from globally:

The study is published in the journal of the Royal Society Interface.

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