Two Things Are Driving UK Boomers Crazy At The Supermarket

Photo: Flickr via philandpam

Crappy store layouts and weird product placement were the biggest gripes cited by more than 36 per cent of UK shoppers over the age of 55 in a new survey (via/RetailWire).Shoppers are so confused that they’ve wound up spending at least an extra 10 minutes per trip due to changed layouts, according to retail optimization firm Aldata. It’s not just wasted time that’s got them frustrated–they’re downright suspicious of the stores’ intentions.

More than 60 per cent of 1,000 shoppers questioned said stores weren’t switching up their layouts for the customer’s benefit, but rather “as a ploy to keep consumers in the store longer and/or direct them to new or expensive product lines.” 

“The over-fifties value convenience over cost and by making store layout changes where they see no perceived benefit, retailers are in fact risking their long-term loyalty to the store,” Mark Croxton, head of Global Customer Support for Aldata, told Talking Retail.

That might explain why post-recession shoppers are rethinking the way they shop entirely, navigating select aisles and focusing on discounted items only. 

“Today, the more common way to shop is to only go down select aisles. 50% of consumers shop this way, which is a 6% increase since 2008,” UBS said. “This strongly suggests consumers are cherry picking grocery stores.” 

Younger shoppers didn’t seem to be too bothered by sudden changes in their favourite shops, Aldata found. Just one-quarter cited odd layouts as the most stressful part of their experiences. That figure nearly doubled for the 34-54 age group. 

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