Check Out BBDO's Intern Trading Cards

bbdo intern trading cardsGo to the slideshow to learn more about intern Ariella Morik.

Photo: BBDO

When wandering through the halls of BBDO’s New York office, which is in the midst of a major renovation, one might notice trading cards stacked on random coffee tables.This year, BBDO New York’s interns decided to produce their very own trading cards to give their superiors.

Every new intern class is asked to collaborate on a creative project that integrates them into the company. Sometimes it’s a micro-site, other times interns make funny videos.

In honour of the Olympics, for which BBDO is working on numerous client campaigns, this batch of interns decided to both make a micro-site and create personalised trading cards listing trivia about what Intern Olympic sport they’d dominate.

Sticking with an Olympics theme, the interns wanted their bosses to know that they dominate the field at certain menial intern tasks...

... pouring coffee ...

...rapidly responding to emails...

... and speed stapling. (I thought that was a winter sport).

Also included: advertising trivia. Michael Peoples' favourite Super Bowl ad is Betty White's Snickers spot ... made by BBDO.

Call it coincidence, but Priscilla Tran's favourite Super Bowl ad is a BBDO spot, too.

Other fun facts: Jessica Iacullo wants Lauren Conrad to narrate her life story.

Ariella Morik isn't afraid for her colleagues to know about her love for Justin Bieber.

Oh yeah, and Kylie Kagen loves platypi.

Now check out what other advertising students have been up to:

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