These are the three quickest growing job skills in Australia right now, according to LinkedIn

Steve Jobs in 2010. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • The quickest growing job skills in the Asia-Pacific are dominated by technology, new analysis from LinkedIn has revealed.
  • In Australia, the most in-demand skills are continuous integration (IT development), workplace automation, and social media marketing.
  • Both continuous integration and workplace automation indicate a growing trend towards freeing up employees from monotonous tasks to apply themselves in more creative ways.

It’s no secret the job force is quickly changing, but are you ready for it?

Professional networking and job site LinkedIn has released the three quickest growing skill demands in Australia in its 2019 Future of Skills report. The platform surveyed 4,136 employees and 844 Learning & Development professionals in Australia, India, Japan and Singapore to discover the trends across industries and looked at data on the platform for the last five years.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, the list is dominated by the tech industry and terms you may not have heard of before.

Here are the three skills three times more in demand than any other skills (and what they mean):

Continuous integration

Continuous integration refers to IT development, where professionals need to constantly verify updates.

“Continuous integration allows developers to automate troubleshooting of new code… and identify problems early. As the mantra goes, it’s better to fail fast than fail slow,” the report said.

In an age where users expect things to work seamlessly the first time, continuous integration is essential for software engineers and other developers.

Workplace automation

Workplace automation is another skill in high demand and luckily, it is a little easier to understand.

It involves taking repetitive manual tasks and incorporating technology to automate them.

“(For example,) healthcare uses automation to track patients, monitor drugs, and free up medical staff to focus on those they are caring for,” according to the report.

For consultants, project managers and software engineers, workplace automation is essential.

Social media marketing

The third rising skill should be less surprising — social media marketing.

While there’s plenty of people who consume social media, there’s a growing job market for those who can sell on it.

Whether it’s to sell products and services or promote brands, the demand for social media marketing continues to grow.

And for those Australians looking to work abroad, you’ll want to know your way around more than just Facebook or Instagram.

“China has WeChat, Japan’s social media network is Line, while Korea has KakaoTalk, in Vietnam it’s Zalo, and India has Hike,” the report said.

For those staying put however and looking for a new job or a pay rise, you now know where to start.

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