These Are The Most Creative Bus Ads You Will Ever See

target bus wrap

Photo: Vector Media

Sightseeing buses are omnipresent in major metropolitan areas, which makes them prime real estate for corporate branding.But bus wraps have to be pretty creative to stand out among the billboards and other advertisements strewn across cities.

Vector Media creates bus wrap ads for tour buses, and the work ranges from the incredibly strange to the incredibly stunning.

For those who want to be mistaken for using the toilet while on a tour of NYC.

Charming, Charmin. As if bus seats weren't disgusting enough already.

This bus has been turned into a whale.

Inside the whale, a toothy interior (for straphangers).

You can be just like Jonah!

Yes, that is a furry bus emulating a mammoth.

Straddling a moving tire appears to be less than pleasant.

This bus wrap ad enjoys confusing other drivers.

Nesquik not included.

This ad for Maker's Mark is visually stunning, especially at night.

This lighted brick house bus wrap is perfect for the holiday season.

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