President Obama May Lose These Five States In 2012

It’s understood that President Barack Obama’s re-election bid hinges on the economy. Polls consistently show the president’s approval rating rising and falling as the American people’s economic confidence waxes and, increasingly, wanes.

But no presidential election is decided on the basis of national polls or the popular vote. The road to 270 electoral votes is a state-by-state challenge, requiring a state-by-state strategy.

To that end, Josh Kraushaar of National Journal reports, the Obama campaign is less focused on capturing new states than it is on holding states Obama won in 2008.

Kraushaar lists five states Obama won in 2008 but risks losing next year: Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Nevada. Without these states, Obama’s chances for re-election are sharply reduced.

Read the whole list at National Journal >

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