These Are the States And Territories Where Sunbeds Will Soon Be Banned

Donald Miralle/Getty Image

Australians are already starting to abandon solariums ahead of them being banned in most Australian states and territories from January 1.

The Cancer Council’s National Sun Protection Survey shows that the majority of adults (79%) and adolescents (67%) support the bans.

The survey of 6,000 people also suggests that solarium use is now very low.

Vanessa Rock, the chair of Cancer Council Australia’s National Skin Cancer Committee, says 1% of adults and less than 1% of adolescents said they had used a solarium in the past year.

“It is encouraging to see that so many Australians reject using solariums and the retiring of commercial solariums is another important step forward,” Ms Rock said.

“Studies have shown that those who use a solarium before the age of 35 have a 59% greater risk of melanoma.”

Bans of commercial sunbeds come into place in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, ACT and Queensland January 1, 2015.

Western Australia has announced it will also be banning sunbeds, although the date is yet to be announced.

There are no commercial solariums currently operating in the Northern Territory.

More than 2,000 Australians die of skin cancer each year.

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