Here's What Adobe Is Looking For In Its Modern Marketing Hires

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Marketing has become something of a speeding bullet.

You have to move fast to be able to keep up, to be able to jump on an emerging trend, and quickly steer a campaign in new, opportunistic directions.

John Travis, head of brand marketing at Adobe, says the people he hires now have to be team players, to be able to network internally and be able to talk to Information Technology as much as they do researchers.

“I was taught around the culture of a campaign in that you are going to invest a tonne of time and a tonne of money and make sure everything is perfect,” says Travis, who is in Sydney for Adobe‚Äôs 2014 Digital Marketing Symposium.

“For four, five or six months and when it’s perfect I am going to run the campaign. And all we learnt was around that campaign structure of yesterday.

“And now with digital marketing, I am changing my campaign day to day.”

About a year ago, Adobe had what it called sneak campaign about Photoshop, based on its ability to de-blur an image.

“It became this phenomenon on Youtube,” he said. “In a week, we changed the campaign completely. We had new advertising. And that’s the culture. We monitor every day, we have a new plan every day.”

The key today is working relationships across the organisation from sales to e-commerce. He has to work with the IT department regularly.

“Ten years ago I would probably see IT once a year because I was forced,” he says. “Now I am meeting with our CIO and her team once a week.

“It’s a culture shift. We don’t speak to same language but we can learn how to work together.

“And that’s what I’m looking for when I’m hiring people. It’s team building.

“I am looking for mathematicians, analysts, search professionals, social media people, more creatives.”

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