Here's What The Top Journalists At The ABC Get Paid

The Australian newspaper has obtained a list of who’s paid what at the ABC.

Tony Jones of Lateline and Q & A fame heads the list of basic pay:

Managing Director Mark Scott gets $678,940 ahead of chief operating officer David Pendleton on $362,838 and the director of television, Kim Dalton, on $359,238.

Then follows the list of journalists:

  • Tony Jones $355,789
  • Kate Torney, Director of News, $350,394
  • Juanita Phillips $316,454
  • Quentin Dempster $291,505
  • Richard Glover $290,000
  • Leigh Sales $280,400
  • Chris Uhlmann, political editor, $255,400
  • Fran Kelly $255,000
  • Barrie Cassidy, Insiders, $243,478
  • Virginia Trioli, ABC News Breakfast, $235,664
  • Bruce Belsham, Head of Current Affairs, $219,106
  • Annabel Crabb, Chief Political Writer, $217,426
  • Jim Middleton, $208,831

The full list is at The Australian newspaper which has been trying unsuccessfully to get pay details under Freedom of Information laws since 2010.

ABC chief Mark Scott said: “I have asked for a full and complete investigation about how this highly confidential material was accessed.”

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