LOVE OR LOATHE: The Most polarising Athletes In Sports Today

hope solo

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There’s always that one athlete that move’s the public needle.Some reasons are warranted. Some aren’t. But there will always be that athlete that some people love. And others loathe.

It dates all the way back to Muhammad Ali. And in much more recent times, Barry Bonds.

But who are the most polarising athletes of today?

LeBron James

Serena Williams

Love: Her power. Her honesty. She may be the most competitive woman in sports.

Hate: Dividing her time between tennis and fashion.That thing she said to the U.S. Open lineswoman in 2009. That thing she said to the U.S. Open umpire in 2011.

Tim Tebow

Maria Sharapova

Love: Her grace. Her beauty. Her style.

Hate: She's loud. Really loud. And marrying Sasha 'The Machine' Vujacic.

Tiger Woods

Love: He can drive it. He can pitch it. He can putt it. At least he could.

Hate: What he did to his wife. His previous penchant for female companionship that wasn't his wife. His fall from grace.

Tony Romo

Love: He has fun. He'll play with a punctured lung. He has that laid-back, Midwestern personality.

Hate: He throw's a lot of fourth-quarter interceptions. He's the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. He dated Jessica Simpson.

Mike Vick

Love: His athleticism. His toughness. His Houdini-like escape-ability.

Hate: He committed a crime. He lied about said crime. His coach is Andy Reid.

Kobe Bryant

Love: His competitiveness. His toughness. He's the closest thing to Michael Jordan the NBA's got.

Hate: What happened in Colorado. His alienating personality. He can be less than kind to teammates.

Alex Rodriguez

Love: His power. His speed. His fielding abilities.

Hate: He cheated his sport and has lost most of the above qualities since. And he was fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz at the Super Bowl. (Only $143 million left to go, Yankees fans)

Tyler Hansbrough

Love: He's hard-nosed. A hard-worker. Gives 'maximum effort.'

Hate: It's not pretty. He paused games to re-insert contact lenses. He went to North Carolina.

J.J. Redick

Love: He could shoot from anywhere. That's about it. This is a better question for Dick Vitale.

Hate: He was cocky. He was arrogant. He went to Duke.

Hope Solo

Love: Her confidence facing a penalty kick. She's brutally honest. She can kind of dance the foxtrot.

Hate: For putting herself before the team in 2004. The girlfriends and wives of men transfixed by Solo all summer.

Terrell Owens

Love: He's entertaining. He can do A LOT of push-ups. He's one of the greatest receivers of all-time.

Hate: He throws his quarterbacks under the bus. He divides everyone else in the locker room. His reality shows.

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