The Most Disengaged Workers In America

The secret to what gives a company its competitive edge isn’t its product, technology or corporate strategy. Instead, it comes down to one thing: employee engagement.

But most employers don’t know how to manage this effectively. According to a recent report published by the associates at Dale Carnegie Training, disengagement leads to lower productivity and eventually, high turnover, which costs businesses $11 billion annually (via the Bureau of National Affairs).

In a survey of 1,500 employees, Dale Carnegie found that the most disengaged workers tend to be between 31 and 49 years old. They are also:

  • More highly educated (i.e. those with a post-graduate education).
  • Lower-level income employees earning less than $50K.
  • Newer employees, especially those in the organisation less than a year.

How do you start engaging these workers? The report said that there are three key drivers:

  1. Relationship with immediate supervisor
  2. Belief in senior leadership
  3. Pride in working for the company

If you’re in a senior position, win your employees over by caring about their personal lives, take an interest in them as people, support their health and well-being and tell them your own story. This will make them feel like they are a part of your mission, hence greater trust, enthusiasm and involvement are created.

Below is a graphic from the report:

attached image

Photo: Dale Carnegie Training

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