Here are all the delicious biscuits not being delivered to Coles because of the Tim Tam row

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A battle between Coles and Arnott’s over the price of biscuits has left some supermarket shelves wanting more Tim Tams.

Coles objected when Arnott’s, owned by US food giant Campbell Soup, wanted to increase the price of 54 of its products by between 2% and 10%.

The resulting row left Coles without supplies, including Tim Tams, for two weeks in October. When they settled, Coles couldn’t agree on price rises for ten Arnott’sbiscuits and some liquid stock from the Campbell’s range.

“Our average family shopper spends around $150 per week on food and groceries and they don’t have the spare cash laying around to give to Campbell’s-Arnott’s every time they decide to put their prices up,” a Coles spokesman told Business Insider.

Here are the ten biscuits, including specialty and bulk packet Tim Tams, not being delivered to Coles:

    1. Tim Tam Zumbo: COCONUT CREAM 165 GRAM
    2. Tim Tam Zumbo: CHOC RASPBERRY 165 GRAM
    3. Tim Tam Zumbo: SALTED CARAMEL 171 GRAM
    4. Chocolate Biscuits: ROYAL DARK 200 GRAM
    5. Chocolicious Tim Tam Multipack: CARAMEL 191 GRAM
    6. Chocolicious Tim Tam Multipack: DARK 187 GRAM
    7. Chocolicious Tim Tam Multipack: ORIGINAL 187 GRAM
    8. Twisted Faves Monte Carlo Biscuits: SALTED CARAMEL 250 GRAM
    9. Twisted Faves Shortbread Birscuits: STRAWBERRY CREAM 250 GRAM
    10. Cheeseboard Crackers
Image: Arnotts

Also missing are four Cambells 500 ML stock packets: Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Chicken salt reduced.

Apart from Tim Tams, the other biscuits with prices rises include Scotch Finger, Teddy Bear and Monte Carlo.

According to The Australian , the biscuit war developed into a major battle of wills ­between a supermarket giant and supplier.

The newspaper quoted Coles managing ­director John Durkan as saying Arnott’s refused to give detail on the proposed price rises.

“When we refused the cost increase Arnott’s refused to supply us,” Durkan said.

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