Shaq Penned A Love Letter To Halle Berry And Other Juicy Revelations From 'Shaq Uncut'

Shaq Uncut

Shaq Uncut doesn’t hit bookstores until Nov. 15. 

But that hasn’t stopped the interesting revelations of Shaquille O’Neal’s eventful career from leaking out. 

Shaq has never been one to hold his tongue, and his biography doesn’t disappoint. 

From his fallout in Los Angeles to his relationship with Kobe Bryant to his observations of LeBron James running the show in Cleveland; the book sheds light on a number of controversies that have captivated basketball fans over the years. 

Nothing and no one is off limits.

Shaq told his teammates he wanted to kill Kobe Bryant

Shaq nearly came to blows with coach Pat Riley in Miami

The Cavaliers' coaching staff failed to ever call out LeBron James for making mistakes

Shaq wrote Halle Berry a letter in college asking to meet the actress

President Obama hurt the feelings of a sensitive Rajon Rondo

Nate Robinson was traded from Boston because he cared more about followers than field goals

Shaq Uncut isn't the only upcoming book to reveal basketball secrets.

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