These Are The Jobs Which Will Be In High Demand In The First Three Months Of 2015

A Christmas tree display made from Lego at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

A good time to start looking for that next job is after Christmas and New Year.

Hudson, the recruitment company, today released its quarterly Employment Trends report showing a sharp jump in plans by companies in Australia to hire more people in the first quarter next year.

This chart shows where the demand is for jobs:

Source: Hudson

Hiring sentiment for Financial Services professionals is the strongest across employers surveyed.

The sentiment increased by a staggering net 16.8 percentage points compared to the previous quarter, with a net 36.9% of hiring managers planning on increasing headcount in the first quarter of 2015.

Financial services teams have recognised that the landscape has permanently changed and are driving significant transformation projects.

Hudson says those professionals with exposure to agile environments are highly sought after as are compliance and risk professionals who can help organisations navigate the plethora of regulatory change on the horizon.

Legal is the profession with the second highest hiring intentions with a net 36.9% of employers looking to increase their headcount. There is strong demand for mid-level lawyers in private practice with organisations backfilling roles that were deliberately left unfilled from past years.

Sentiment is also on the rise for Human Resources, ICT, Office Support, Technical and Engineering, and Accounting and Finance professions.

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