These are the greatest names in finance and tech right now

The best way to start this post is by assuring everyone we’re not poking fun of anyone on this list. They’ve all done and continue to do amazing things in their fields.

But it’s almost impossible for us at BI to ignore how often people’s names match their jobs, or in some way herald their career destiny.

In much the same way a guy called Ronald Ray-gun was born to initiate a “Star Wars” missile defence system, surely Bill Ready was going to get into the payments business.

Others, in the classic tradition of the Boy Named Sue, have maybe in some way risen to the top of their class because there was simply no way of avoiding attention outside of a deed poll.

And as someone who flew under the radar until 2001 when I became known as “like that guy in Shrek”, I have experience in having to repeat my last name to disbelievers on at least a weekly basis.

I’d much prefer to be introducing myself as Brogan BamBrogan, because at least I could follow it up with, “Hyperloop One founder”.

So here they are – Business Insider’s greatest names in finance and tech right now. Feel free to email us with any we’ve missed or add them to the comments.

And be nice.


Skiddy von Stade: CEO of finance career services company OneWire.

Will Low: Nikko Asset Managements head of global equities. Unlikely to have ever been racially abused by MadMartigan.

Jacky Chan: Member of Morgan’s Asia-Pacific research team.

Biz Carson: She works at Business Insider. And her name’s Biz.

Anthony Albanese: Acting Superintendent at the New York Department of Financial Services. He wouldn’t get it.

Hunter Hillcoat : Investec analyst who spent 10 years working as a geologist in Africa and Australia, probably trying to introduce himself as “Hunter Hillcoat” as much as possible.

Larry Diamond: Former Macquarie and Deutsche Bank investment banker, now founder of interest-free loans startup zipMoney.

Picture: Lucasfilm


Brogan BamBrogan: Hyperloop One founder. We even have the story about how he got the greatest name ever.

Professor Michael Smart: Born to work with the University of Queensland’s School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering.

John Winning: The founder of Appliances Online and the CEO of Winning Appliances

Padmasree Warrior: Cisco’s former CTO and Strategy Officer is the 71st most powerful woman in the world, according to Forbes. And the CEO of US for NextEV.

Bill Ready: CEO of online payment gateway Braintree.

Safra Catz: Oracle’s co-CEO who sounds like the coolest jazz band ever.

Skylar Tibbits: Director of MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and faculty at MIT’s Department of Architecture. Potential X-wing pilot.

Astro Teller: Google’s “Captain of Moonshots”.

Sharon Topper: Head of marketing for Ripples, which prints personalised toppings on your coffee.

Gwynne Shotwell: SpaceX President and COO who has to face the media when rockets don’t shoot well.

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