These are the government agencies that want to see your metadata

Photo: Spectre/ IMDb.

The Australian federal government has released the names of 57 agencies who are requesting access to people’s metadata through a freedom of information request.

There are 61 agencies in total seeking access, but four have had their names redacted as it would be “contrary to the public interest”, according to the Attorney General’s department.

Under the Telecommunications Interception and Access Act, government agencies across the country will be granted access to the retained metadata, with the intent being that the information will help uncover criminal activity. These 61 agencies are applying to be classified as such agencies.

Whilst most agencies make sense, there are still a few bizarre applications such as Greyhound Racing Victoria, the National Measurement Institute, and Bankstown City Council.

This is the full list:

Australian Financial Security Authority
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
Australian Postal Corporation
Australian Taxation Office
Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Clean Energy Regulator
Department of Agriculture
Department of Defence
Department of the Environment
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Department of Health
Department of Human Services
Department of Social Services
Fair Work Building and Construction
National Measurement Institute
ACT Revenue Office
Access Canberra (Department of Treasury and Economic Development)
Bankstown City Council
Consumer Affairs – Victoria
Consumer, Building and Occupational Services – Tasmania
Consumer and Business Services – SA
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Queensland
Department of Commerce – WA
Department of Corrective Services – WA
Department of Environment and Heritage Protection – Queensland
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources – Victoria
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – Victoria
Department of Environment Regulation – WA
Department of Fisheries – WA
Department of Justice and Regulation (Consumer Affairs) – Victoria
Department of Justice and Regulation (Sheriff of Victora)
Department of Mines and Petroleum – WA
Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) – NSW
Environment Protection Authority – SA
Greyhound Racing Victoria
Harness Racing New South Wales
Health Care Complaints Commission – NSW
Legal Services Board – Victoria
NSW Environment Protection Authority
NSW Fair Trading
Office of Environment and Heritage – NSW
Office of Fair Trading – Queensland
Office of State Revenue – NSW
Office of State Revenue – Queensland
Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner – Vic
Primary Industries and Regions South Australia
Queensland Building and Construction Commission
Racing and Wagering Western Australia
Racing NSW
Racing Queensland
Roads and Maritime Service NSW
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) – Victoria
State Revenue Office – Victoria
Taxi Services Commission – Victoria
Revenue SA
Victorian WorkSafe Authority

Data retention laws have been live in Australia since last October.

The controversial scheme requires telcos to store customer data such as their personal details, IP addresses, traffic data, among other things. Approved agencies can then access the data without a warrant.

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