These are the cheapest suburbs to buy a home in Australia

Photo: Getty Images.

Last week, courtesy of an excellent report from CoreLogic RP Data, we brought you a list of the five most expensive suburbs to by a home or unit in each capital city in Australia.

It received plenty of interest, particularly given the astronomical figures reported across the country.

Even $4 million wouldn’t get you in the door in Sydney, nor would $2 million in Melbourne. With the exception of Hobart, $1 million wasn’t enough for the other capitals.

While the most expensive suburbs have eye-watering median values, in some capitals the costs for housing are significantly more affordable, particularly if you’re willing to forgo the harbour view or proximity to the city centre.

In a follow up report to that released last week, CoreLogic RP Data decided to look at the cheapest suburbs to buy in all of Australia’s capital cities.

In many instances, the cost to buy in the cheapest suburbs can be as little as 20%, or lower, compared to prices in the most expensive suburbs in each capital city.

Here’s the list compiled by CoreLogic RP Data.

They are median prices for houses and units in suburbs which have had at least ten property sales in the past 12 months.