These Are The Charts You're Going To Be Seeing In Powerpoints And Mobile For The Next Year

Every year, Ericsson puts together a massive report on global mobile usuage trends.

The charts and data in this report then proliferates through Powerpoints and slide decks around the world.

So, get a jump start on everyone else in the industry and…

In many places around the world, people have more than one mobile subscription plan

Faster mobile broadband like LTE and WCDMA will dominate by 2018

The Asia-Pacific region has a lot of mobile subscription growth left

LTE has some adoption in North America, but elsewhere broadband speeds remain slower

In five years, voice will be a relatively tiny portion of mobile traffic

Here's a clear pictures of how much mobile traffic will explode in the next 5 years

ericsson 16

The most beloved companies in the mobile ecosystem are the ones that provide the phones and their content

Video is the killer-app across all mobile devices

Americans and Chinese live on their phone, weekends, holidays…whenever.

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