These Are The Charts That Killed Zynga's Stock Yesterday

Zynga’s stock fell about 6 per cent yesterday thanks to it becoming more obvious that its Facebook gaming empire is in rapid decline.

The Ville, its most recent massive game launched on Facebook, peaked at around 7 million daily players last month but has since dropped off to about 4 million players, according to AppData.

It’s a game that launched just a few months ago and had much of Zynga’s hopes riding on it.

As you can see below, there was another big drop in daily active users.

Zynga’s gaming audience is shifting away from the casual desktop games to mobile games and more “hardcore” browser-based games.

Since Zynga is still a relative newcomer to the mobile gaming scene, and those games monetise at a lower rate than Facebook games, it’s showing up as additional weakness in the company.

the ville daus

Photo: AppData

The engagement for The Ville is also dropping off rapidly, as is shown by how many of its monthly active users check into the game every day.

the ville maudau

Photo: AppData

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