These are the car insurance extras you might not want to skimp on

Image: iStock / kadmy
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The cost of car insurance can vary depending on the age and model of your car, your own age, where you live and the type of insurance you choose.

If being financially savvy is important to you, you might want to carefully consider which car insurance extras to include or leave out. There are a few extras that might be more beneficial to include in a car insurance policy than others based on your circumstances. Sure, it may cost you a little more now, but it could pay off more in the long run.

Everyone will be different, but here are a few options that could apply.

New For Old Car Replacement

Available for cars that are less than two or three years old (depending on the insurer), the New For Old Car Replacement add-on offers to replace your car with a new one if it’s written off entirely.

Windscreen and window glass cover

If you shop around, a select few insurance companies actually offer unlimited windscreen and window glass repair as part of their policy options, which, if you’ve ever had your windscreen hit by a rogue rock, you’ll know just how valuable that is.

This also saves you the hassle of having to shop around at various mechanics — prices vary from place to place, so knowing you have immediate coverage can give you peace of mind.

Some insurers like Bingle even offer excess-free windscreen and window glass cover to make it an even more worthwhile option.

Keep mobile cover

If you get into an accident that renders your car immobile, some car insurance policies give you the option to hire a car (often at an additional premium).

This is ideal for anyone who truly needs their car to work and live on a daily basis. The last thing you want is to have to get up two hours earlier just to get around using public transport instead of your own vehicle.

The insurance company itself

Companies like Bingle operate online only and to reduce the cost further, Bingle keeps their insurance products simple – just Comprehensive and Third Party Car Insurance. They also only offer a few extras – ones that they think are useful for their customers.

So, if you want cheaper insurance but don’t want to skimp on those extras, shop around and find the best price you can, as long as you’ve done the research and know that they’re reputable.