5 Bosses Who Will Make You Cry

Are high-paid CEOs inherently mean? Some would say so, though we happen to think there are plenty of kind moguls out there. That being said, there are definitely a bunch of mean ones too — one might even go so far as to call them (dare we say it?) evil. And, finally, there are some moguls we wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with, period. These are the moguls who will make you cry.

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This post originally appeared on Mogulite.

Dov Charney

It's not just the creepy looks that will scare you away from American Apparel's head honcho. Last summer, we all got a peek inside the company's exacting employee manual which indicated some allegedly unethical hiring and promotional practices. The documents reportedly revealed that Charney favours attractive employees and has some pretty outrageous rules when it comes to personal grooming. But somehow, the guy keeps convincing (he must be really convincing) people to throw money into his nearly bankrupt business. If he wasn't already scaring employees, now he's seemingly scaring investors into giving him cash as well.

Source: Mogulite

Gary Cohn

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart may teach you how to be a gracious host at your perfect dinner party, but if you work for her, she'll make you weep. In a recent New York story, a staffer at Martha Stewart Living Omimedia described a ladies' room at the office, saying, 'There are women in there crying literally all day long.' Remember, Stewart doesn't know only from smiles and pastels -- she did spend that time in jail.

Source: Mogulite

Roger Ailes

As President of Fox News, Ailes is known for one thing: opinions. The former media consultant for Reagan, Nixon and Bush has pretty much every trick up his sleeve. Many have accused him of being not just a media man, but a political machine. Cross him, and you'll definitely get a devastating earful. That being said, Ailes is also regarded by many of his employees as paranoid and overbearing. In April, allegations surfaced saying that in addition to being generally aggressive, Ailes was possibly spying on and following employees at a newspaper he personally owned. Ailes' spokesperson denied the claims, but the employees also said he employed the 'singularly paranoid and abusive management style he brings to all his projects.' The spying claims are unverified, but we're likely to believe the bit about the 'abusive management style.'

Source: Mogulite

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft's head may make it seem like he's nice, but we have reason to believe he's got a dark side. Ballmer recently created a new payment system at Microsoft, offering more cash and less stock. In theory, it seems nice, but unless Microsoft's stock drops a ton in the future, it really just looks like a half-baked plan to force employees into staying at the company. That aside, there was also the time he played basketball with some kids. Nice, until he aggressively blocked the little kids and got competitive with people a quarter of his age.

Source: Mogulite

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