TIM COOK'S TOP HIRES: The Rock Stars Apple Has Been Poaching

Todd Teresi, Apple's VP of iAdTodd Teresi, Apple’s VP of iAd

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Anyone who thought Apple would have trouble attracting top talent without Steve Jobs in charge should just take a look at all the prominent employees the company has poached in recent months.Since Steve Jobs officially resigned from the company in August, Apple has snatched up top tier employees from companies like Microsoft, HP and Yahoo.

Not only do these recent hires show how competitive Apple continues to be in the industry, they also offer hints to some of Apple’s priorities going forward, whether it’s doubling down on business-to-business sales, investing more in cloud technology or placing more focus on the importance of Latin America.

Apple poached Dixon's CEO to run its retail operations.

John Browett was Tim Cook's first executive hire after taking over for Steve Jobs, filling a key role left vacated after Apple's retail guru Ron Johnson was poached by JC Penney. Browett was poached from Dixon's Retail, where he was the CEO and helped to stabilise the company during the recession.

Robin Burrowes, Xbox LIVE's marketing guru, was poached to head Apple's App Store marketing for iTunes Europe

Shortly after Apple poached Browett, the company grabbed Robin Burrowes away from Microsoft, where he served as the marketing guru for Xbox LIVE. In fact, he managed Xbox LIVE for Europe, Asia and The Middle East and played a hand in introducing new features for the console. He now runs Apple's App Store marketing efforts for iTunes Europe.

Todd Teresi, a former VP at Adobe, was poached to run Apple's iAd operations.

Todd Teresi was hired away from Adobe in the beginning of this year to head up iAd, Apple's mobile advertising department, replacing Andy Miller who left several months earlier. Teresi was the VP of Adobe's media solutions group and reportedly played a big role in Adobe partnering with Woodwing Software and the company's acquisition of Auditude.

Zane Rowe, Apple's VP of sales, was poached from United Continental.

Apple snatched up Zane Rowe from United Continental to be a VP of sales in April of this year. Rowe had been the chief financial officer at United Continental since 2010 and had been named one of the best CFOs in the industry by multiple publications.

Anderson Teixeira, Sony Ericsson's Americas president, was poached to run Apple's Latin America operations.

Sony Ericsson's Americas president Anderson Teixeira was snatched up by Apple in the very beginning of this year and put in charge of the company's Latin America operations. Teixeira had been with Sony Ericsson since for a decade and had worked several high profile positions. leading the company's operations in Latin America, then Western Europe and finally in the Americas. Apple's decision to put him in charge of their Latin America operations suggests the growing importance of this region to the company.

Trevor Evans, Apple's channel sales director, was poached from HP.

Apple grabbed up Trevor Evans, the channel sales director at HP, to run its own channel sales operation in December. Evans had worked in HP's Personal Systems Group for six years and was described as being the 'right hand man' of the department's head. At Apple, he is said to be working to get the company's products into more corporations.

Scott Noteboom, Yahoo's data centre chief, was poached to help Apple's push into the cloud.

Scott Noteboom was the mastermind of Yahoo's data centre operations for years until he was snatched up by Apple to in October of last year. As Gigaom pointed out at the time, Noteboom is one of several data centre executives Apple has scooped up to help its push into cloud technology.

Phillip Bullock, who runs Apple's tax department, was poached from Symantec.

Symantec's chief accounting officer was hired up by Apple earlier this year to run the company's tax department. Bullock is an expert in the tax industry and had worked at Symantec since 2006.

Wondering which companies Apple likes to hire employees from the most?

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