These are the 12 cryptocurrencies fintech experts say will soar by the end of 2018

A group of fintech leaders say bitcoin will hit $38,000 by the end of 2018, but its 194% growth will be miniscule compared to rising cryptocurrency stars.

Comparison site has just released the results of its March Cryptocurrency Predictions Survey, forecasting how the top 10 by market cap and top two trending cryptocurrencies will perform in 2018.

Comparing the forecast market capitalisations, nine experts say the big three – bitcoin, bitcoin cash and ethereum – will experience modest growth by crypto standards:

  • Bitcoin – +194%
  • Bitcoin cash – +123%
  • Ethereum – +212%

But of the 12 coins reviewed, by far the biggest forecast came for Dogecoin, the digital currency inspired by the popular Doge meme.

It rose 800% from $US0.002 a coin at the start of December, 2017, to $US0.018 a month later, but has settled down again to around $US0.004 this week.

Finder’s experts say it has the potential to rise by 2,920% by December 31. Cardano (ADA) has the second greatest increase in value (+595%) by the end of the year, at 595%.

And Ripple could surge by as much as +541% on current levels, they say.

The full details of the report, including how the experts came to their conclusions, can be found here.

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