These Celebrities Did An Awesome Job Renovating Their New York City Apartments

What’s a celebrity to do with all that money? Buy a piece of pricey New York City real estate—and then hire architects and interior designers to turn it into something completely different!

Renovations are practically a requirement of the celebrity purchase these days, but not all celebrity renovations are created (or redone) equal.

Curbed intern William Weber spent some time in the archives to find the city’s 10 best celebrity renovations. Some of the following properties made the list because of the renovations themselves; others for the neighbour ire they inspired.

And one celeb gets props for buying an apartment that was beautifully renovated before he found it. Any nominations for additions to the list? Drop ’em in the comments.

This post originally appeared on Curbed.

10) Marina Abramovic

Address: 70 Grand Street
The Skinny: The performance artist purchased this loft for $1.5 million about a decade ago. She had architect Dennis Wedlick redesign the place as a 1BR with 11' ceilings. It can also be converted into a 2BR if the buyer wishes; it's now on the market for $3.495 million.

Source: Curbed

9) David LaChapelle

Address: 427 West 21st Street
The Skinny: The fashion photographer known for neon, nudity, and provocative posing actually bought a fairly conventional $1.7 million Chelsea co-op. Its renovation was done before LaChapelle came on the scene by architects Povero & Company and designer Joseph Picardo, who added Italianate detailing, plaster moldings, wooden doors, marble fireplaces, etched glass, custom cabinetry and various electronic gizmos. Still, we can compliment LaChapelle's taste in picking this one.

Source: Curbed

8) Tyra Banks

Address: Riverhouse
The Skinny: Tyra took her energy home to Battery Park City's Riverhouse, where she opted to combine four units into one duplex. neighbours have complained to the point of calling the police and requesting compensation of up to $100,000 because of the noise and inconvenience.

Source: Curbed

7) Jon Bon Jovi

Address: 158 Mercer Street
The Skinny: We know more rumour than reality where this New Museum building penthouse is concerned (hence the absence of photographic evidence). Bon Jovi paid $24 million for it in 2007 The 7,400-square-foot home already had 'terraces of unparalleled proportions,' a laundry room, two kitchens, an 'enormous elevator,' and some equally enormous arched windows. (Here's the old floorplan.) What could he have possibly added? Apparently something impressive, because he's hoping to resell the place, quietly, for $45 million.

Source: Curbed

6) Brooke Shields

5) Harrison Ford

Address: 206 West 17th Street
The Skinny: Indiana Jones paid about $5.3 million for this 5,500-square-foot penthouse in early 2002. He enlisted rich folk go-to renovators 1100 Architect for a redo. Apparently he liked the results, because he stayed put until he listed the apartment for $16 million late last year.

Source: Curbed

4) Gwyneth Paltrow

Address: River Lofts
The Skinny: The Paltrow-Martins paid just over $5.1 million for their Tribeca pad before stripping the entire space down to the studs. Roman & Williams, the designers of The Standard and 211 Elizabeth Street, came in to redesign the space. We're still puzzling over the 'fuzzy nap zones,' but we like 'em.

Source: Curbed

3) Mike Rutherford

Address: #3AB at 1 Bond Street
The Skinny: The Genesis rocker hired nemaworkshop earlier this year to combine and renovate 2 separate apartments (purchased for $5.03 million in '08) in the landmarked building on Bond Street. The goal: distinct areas that 'bleed together seamlessly in the open floor plan…a supremely comfortable environment infused with an atmosphere of effortless cool.' Success, we'd say.

Source: Curbed

2) Madonna

Address: 152 East 81st Street
The Skinny: As if buying a 57 foot-wide Upper East Side Mansion for $32 million wasn't enough, the Material Girl spent an additional $1.7 million adding a floor, two master suites and all those necessary rooms such as luggage closets and a wine cellar.

Source: Curbed

1) Anderson Cooper

Address: 84 West 3rd Street (aka Fire Patrol No. 2)
The Skinny: Following Mr CNN's purchase of the 1906 building for $4.3 million, he hired architect Cary Tamarkin to renovate the historic structure. There have been some additions to the four-story, 8,997-square-foot property--an elevator, spiral stairs, exposed wood and granite--but Anderson did promise to keep the fire poles.

Source: Curbed

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