These are all the cars you can buy in Australia with Apple CarPlay

For years, car companies, which are typically good at making cars have been attempting to create entertainment systems, which they haven’t been so good at. In fact, if we are honest, most of them are completely woeful.

So luckily, technology companies, who are pretty good at developing technology have jumped in to save the day.

BlackBerry is looking to become a big player, giving a platform for car companies to build off for their cars, and it’s hoping this will be a big factor in turning the company around. Google is jumping in on the market too with Android Auto, but the most popular and talked about in-car entertainment software has come from Apple.

It’s called CarPlay and works by plugging in your iPhone to your vehicle which brings up a very familiar set of icons on the car’s touchscreen. These are apps that you’ll find on your phone such as a contact book, Siri, third-party app support from services such as Spotify as well as Apple Maps as your turn-by-turn navigation system.

Sound good? Here are the cars you can buy that support it in Australia:

• A4 (soon to be launched 2016 model)

• FF
• California T

• Insignia

• Tucson

• B-Class

• 911
• Macan
• 718 Boxster
• 718 Cayman

• Fabia
• Rapid
• Octavia

• Polo
• Golf
• Beetle
• Scirocco
• Jetta
• Passat
• Tiguan
• Caddy
• Caravelle
• Multivan
• Transporter

• XC90

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