These Amazing Photos Of Abandoned Cars Are Eerily Gorgeous

Jaguar XKE

Photo: Troy Paiva / Lost America

While many cars are cherished by their owners and go on to lead long, fulfilling lives, some are deserted and left for dead long before their time.Photographer Troy Paiva has number of stirring pictures on his site, Lost America, that show the grittier side of the west.

From ghost towns to abandoned cars, Troy’s work captures beauty in these situations. The photos are mainly taken at night and make use of unique lighting to show an even eerier side of these lost rides.

Paiva uses some great lighting on all of these photos.

This old GM bus looks ragged.

The green and purple effects on this old Ford give it an eerie touch.

A Datsun B210 decaying in the desert is a lonely sight.

Can this even be considered a car anymore?

We think this van looks very cool.

Even a mechanic's truck couldn't escape the junkyard.

The saddest photo in the set. A gorgeous Jaguar E-Type has been left to decay. We'll gladly take it off their hands.

Don't let the lighting trick you, this is another shot of the Jaguar.

Check out those meteorites in the background.

Even though it is in a bad way, the lighting makes this Buick look ready to drive.

Unfortunately, there will be no bringing this Cadillac hearse back from the dead.

It seems that even hearses die.

Without rear wheels, this Jeepster isn't moving for years.

If the Ghostbusters need a second vehicle, perhaps this Pontiac Ambulance would be a fitting car to rescue.

Take a look at some wheels that are working.

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