These Amazing Images Depict What Sydney's Skyline Could Look Like In 2050

This is what the Sydney skyline could look like in 36 years. The city is currently the world’s gateway into Australia, but needs to double the height of its skyscrapers to avoid losing the title, according to Urban Taskforce.

The group — which represents property developers and financiers — says Sydney is being held back by outdated planning rules that mean no building can be taller than Sydney Tower.

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report cited by the group showed Sydney’s economic growth was half that of Melbourne and Brisbane over the past decade. Sydney’s economy grew at 2.2%, while Brisbane grew at 4.4%, and Melbourne grew at 4.7%.

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There are several current Sydney projects such as James Packer’s Barangaroo development — expected to form a new financial hub in the city — that will see several new skyscrapers erected.

This week the New South Wales premier Mike Baird said the $6 billion project was on track, after the developer Lend Lease was given the go-ahead for its final office building at the sight, with PwC and HSBC both signing on as tenants.

Urban Taskforce sent us these images, created using concepts developed by three leading architectural firms, which depict what Sydney could look like with much taller buildings.

“For Sydney to remain as Australia’s number one city we need to plan for doubling the height of our skyscrapers by 2050,” says Chris Johnson, CEO of the Urban Taskforce.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

“Melbourne, Brisbane and even Parramatta have taller buildings than Sydney planned as they lift their global standing,” Johnson said in a statement.

“Sydney is being held back by out of date planning rules that set the underside of Sydney Tower, designed in the 1970s, as the cap on height for new buildings.”

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“Sydney’s future will not be advanced if we think of ourselves only as small villages. We must have big visions for the future so that Sydney plays an increasing leadership role as one of the world’s leading cities,” Johnson said.

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