These Adorable Kids Are Way Cooler Than Their Athlete Parents

amare stoudemire

Photo: @amareisreal

We love following athletes on Twitter.They say hilarious things, keep us entertained with their lavish lifestyles, and most importantly, tweet photos of their adorable little children.

And these children have serious swag, and a lot of them are way swaggier than their famous athlete parents.

Most of the following kid pics are from Twitter, with a few exceptions that were too cute to not use.

LeBron James Jr. Could he get any cuter? Bron Bron!

This is LeBron James' other son Bryce. Turtle. Backpack.

Chris Paul's son is absolutely adorable. Related: Chris Paul is the coolest dad ever.

And he does this:

Is anyone even looking at Drew in this photo?

Jimmie Johnson's little girl's headphones may be cooler than Drew's

Sorry Dwyane but your tuxedo-wearing little one has way more swag than you.

Rogier Meijer's daughter consoling her father after a heart-breaking loss. Aw.

Chris Bosh looks ridiculous in teal. Newborn baby wins.

I mean, look at Larry Fitzgerald's son's hair.

Amar'e Stoudemire's son and Lil Wayne are tight.

JR Smith's daughter. So much classier than JR.

David Carr's baby is too cool to care her dad won the Super Bowl

Cruz Beckham knows what's up

These NBA stars should take some advice from their kids.

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