These 7 maps show the incredible future growth of Sydney's roads network

New South Wales premier Mike Baird yesterday announced the launch of the state government’s “It’s Time to Build Tomorrow’s Sydney” campaign, designed to change the way the city looks and functions to support the growing population.

“In 2031, the population of NSW is expected to increase by 2 million,” he said, adding that this figure would be concentrated in the metropolitan area, “78.4% of New South Wales’ population growth will live in Sydney.”

As part of his presentation Baird revealed seven maps that show the developments planned for the city.

Funding for the projects will come from the $7.5 billion investment announced in this year’s state budget, aimed to support the developments and upgrades to NSW roads, maritime and freight networks.

Here they are.

Here are the existing major state roads in Sydney.

Here's what it will look like once the WestConnex is added.

And the development of the Gateway to the South, linking Sydney with the Illawarra.

And the Western Harbour Tunnel.

The introduction of smart motorways, including an upgrade to the M4.

The Badgery's Creek airport and its supporting infrastructure.

And finally once the NorthConnex is completed in 2019.

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