5 Hedge Funds That Are Getting Smoked By JPMorgan

Paul Ruddock of Lansdowne PartnersLansdowne Partners’ Paul Ruddock

Shares of JPMorgan Chase continued to tank Friday following yesterday’s news of a $2 billion trading loss related to derivatives from the bank’s chief investment office in London.The last time we checked, the stock was last trading down ~8.27%. 

And since the stock has taken a beating, we wanted to find out some of the biggest shareholders. 

So here’s a rundown of the five hedge funds with the greatest stake in the bank, according to data from the latest 13F regulatory filings (12/31/2011) compiled by Bloomberg. 

  • Lansdowne Partners: ~24.08 million shares
  • Highfields Capital: ~9.35 million shares
  • Maverick Capital: ~8.37 million shares
  • Ruffer LLP: ~6.57 million shares
  • Adage Capital Partners: ~6.11 million 

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