These 4 leadership profiles will help you be a better boss

Your employees will love you for it. Photo: IMDb/ The Office.

Being a leader takes a certain skills set, and more importantly, a certain personality.

But that doesn’t mean there is only one type of leader. Who you are, and your strengths, will determine how you lead your team and/or business.

Business Insider reached out to Paul Findlay, managing director of PD Training, which created an online tool that determines a person’s leadership style and offers a personalised training plan.

The 15-minute profile describes the way different personality types approach people and situations.

According to Findlay there are four distinctive personality types in the assessment – the counsellor, coach, advisor and driver.

“It’s important to understand there is no right mix of personality traits – different personality types lend themselves to different roles, and even different aspects of different roles, so it is more about finding the roles that call on your natural tendencies, preferences and approaches and you will shine,” says Findlay.

“For example, if you are naturally reserved and methodical you naturally enjoy detailed work, often without a strong need for a team environment. While you are unlikely to excel and get promoted in an outbound sales role, your natural style is likely to stand you in good stead in a detailed role such as IT, Accounting or other detailed work.”

Here are the four profiles and the personalities suited to them.

1. The counsellor profile.

Counsellors are best recognised for being thinking-oriented and people focused. Key markers including communicating in a warm style, handling conflict by accommodating other’s interests, delegating by asking others for participation, a flexible planning approach and careful, reflective learning steps.

2. The coach profile.

Coaches are best recognised for being acting-oriented and people-focused. Markers include dynamic charismatic communication skills, handling conflict, delegating by ‘selling’, planning interactively, and learning with a big-picture approach.

3. The advisor profile.

Advisors are best recognised for thinking-oriented and task-focused. Markers include communicating in reserved, formal style, handling conflict by compromise, delegating by suggestion, methodical planning with detailed preparation and learning careful step-by-step reflection.

4. The driver profile.

Drivers are best recognised for being acting-oriented and task-focused. Key markers include communicating with intense style, handling conflict by confronting issues, delegating by directing the course of action, planning through urgent adaptive approach and learning with active “big picture” understanding.

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