Check Out Which Celebrities Are On Pinterest

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If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, you’re missing out.The site, which brands itself as “a pinboard for the things you love” is highly addicting—so addicting it’s gaining the attention of everyone from college students to Hollywood’s A-listers.

The site allows you to virtually pin anything of interest to pinboards through photos. Since its debut in 2010, Pinterest boasts 17.8 million users.   

So far, Barack Obama and Demi Moore are among the 16 known celebrities pinning it up.  

Among the best boards include Seacrest‘s “Not Your mum’s Grilled Cheese” and Mark Zuckerberg‘s iPhone “Home Screens.”

There are some pretty vain ones too: “What Ryan’s Wearing” and self-promoter Alanis Morrisette who pins her articles, music videos and a list entitled, “Alanis Recommends.” (We don’t think she really gets it.)

Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest has some of the most interesting boards including his and her gift ideas, red carpet show stoppers and varieties on the original grilled cheese.

Ellen DeGeneres

Lead funny woman's page is filled with boards entitled 'Clumsy Thumbsy' (featuring iPhone autocorrect fails) 'Bad Paid-for Photos.' Naturally, there's a board set aside for Nicki Minaj-rapping Sophia Grace. We're waiting for some pins on the 'Ellen Dolls' board.

Alanis Morissette

The '90s singer's page is filled with a lot of self-promotion. She oughta know that's against pin etiquette 101.

Demi Moore

filled with brightly coloured cakes, penguin-shaped olives and boards left undone. Other than filling up the sparse boards, we have one more suggestion: a username change.

Michael Kors

Finally, we can get a sneak peek into the trends Kors loves, and a sneak peek at his newest collections.

Nina Garcia

Want to know what you should be wearing for spring? Check. Summer wedding? Got it. Craving to rock neon? Nina's got you covered, literally.

Paula Deen

Pinterest makes it easy for culinary chefs to show off their kitchen creations. Deen wasted no time giving us plenty: week night dinners, game day and holiday recipes.

Warning: you may want to count the calories first.

Martha Stewart

Watch out Paula Deen, Mama Stewart's creeping on your turf with a slew of cheesy chilli creations and dessert options. Cookies and cream brownies, anyone?

Don't worry, she offers up some decorating tips, too. Hope you like jade!

Andrew Zimmerman

Still hungry? TV Host of Travel Channel's 'Bizarre Food' showcases eats on the road.

Mark Zuckerberg

Of course the Facebook founder has Pinterest. The takeaway on his page: his iPhone homescreen shots.

Barack Obama

Yes they can... pin! Or not. He doesn't have any pins or even boards ... yet. With the election a few months away, his team should get busy.

Felicia Day

Actress Felicia Day ('Eureka,' 'The Guild')'s pin boards are interesting to say the least. We're not fan(z) of her boards ending with juvenile z's of the AIM era (See 'Fashionz').


The O List? We're sold. Items under $100 are cool, too.

Backstreet Boys

Hello washed-up '90s boy band. Were you expecting Bieber? 'N Sync, perhaps?

We actually shouldn't be THAT shocked over what seems like the most bizarre addition to Pinterest given the boys reunited for a spring tour this year. The group is pretty up to speed on social media with strong Twitter (more than 340,000 followers) and Facebook followings (nearly 6 million fans).

Backstreet's back.

Yoko Ono

Yes, Yoko Ono is on Pinterest. Her wall's full of 'imagine peace' imagery, photos from live performances and her 'Vertical Memory' series of photography which features 21 identical portraits with varying texts in both English and Japanese.

Katie Couric

The soon-to-be talk-show host offers up inspirations for office decor and low-fat vegetarian recipes.

Katie Couric's returning to TV this fall. See which other A-listers will join her on the small screen.

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