Theresa May to finalise Brexit deal in talks with EU


LONDON – Theresa May will travel to Brussels on Wednesday to meet European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as she attempts to wrap up the final details of her proposed Brexit deal.

The meeting comes as negotiators try to wrap up details of the so-called future framework, a brief document which will outline the UK and EU’s aspirations for their future relationship on issues including trade and security.

Both sides hope to agree on the text for the future framework this week, ahead of a summit of EU leaders this week where it is hoped they will sign off the draft Brexit deal struck between the UK and EU.

Downing Street said the talks would focus on lending more detail to the future framework document, but warned that the deal would probably not be finalised tomorrow.

“You’ve seen the outline political declaration, and this is about filling in the details,” said a Downing Street spokesperson.

They added: “I wouldn’t anticipate a shaking of hands on the final document tomorrow.”