Theresa May still won't say when she first knew about sexual harassment allegations against Conservative MPs

Theresa MayCarl Court/Getty ImagesPrime Minister Theresa May leaves Downing Street

LONDON — Theresa May has refused to confirm whether she was made aware of sexual misconduct allegations made against Conservative Party MPs before the scandal broke in the media at the end of last month.

The prime minister dodged the question of whether she can “hand on heart” say she wasn’t aware of any allegations concerning Tory MPs before they were reported by the British press.

“Obviously what has happened over the last week or so is stories have appeared in the press. A number of issues were raised with me that didn’t make it to the press,” May said. “As you have seen, action has been taken.”

“A number of people have been referred to the Conservative Party’s grievance procedure and arrangements that we have put in place, and a number of people have been referred to the Cabinet Secretary.”

May was speaking at the CBI annual conference in London, where Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will also give a speech later on Monday.

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