Theresa May refuses to publish her tax return following Jeremy Corbyn

LONDON — Theresa May has refused to publish her tax returns, following the publication of those by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Former PM David Cameron did publish his tax returns as PM. However, a spokesperson for the current prime minister said there was no “long-standing convention” for May to do the same.

“The PM published her tax returns in July as part of the Conservative party leadership process and there was no commitment then and no long-standing convention to publish [again] and there are no current plans to do so,” he said.

Asked whether the public would ever see another tax return from the PM, the PM’s spokesperson replied:

“No. There are no further plans to do so.”

The chancellor has also refused to publish his tax return.

Philip Hammond told Andrew Marr on Sunday that “I have no intention” of publishing them.

“Just for the record, my tax affairs are all perfectly regular and up to date. But this demonstration politics isn’t helping to create a better atmosphere in British politics.”

Hammond was accused in 2014 of avoiding tax on a buy-to-let property by gifting his share of it to his wife.

The row follows the publication of Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return at the weekend. The release revealed that the Labour leader earned £114,000.

However, there was confusion after Corbyn’s income as leader of the opposition was listed under pensions.

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