May attacks Corbyn: 'A boss who exploits the rules to further his own career'

Theresa May took part in her first session of PMQs as prime minister on Wednesday and did not wait around to go on the attack against under-pressure Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

To the glee of Tory MPs, May responded to the opposition leader’s question about job insecurity by taking a very obvious jab at the internal Labour Party war which has revolved around Corbyn in recent weeks.

Speaking at the dispatch box as Britain’s second female prime minister, May said:

“I am interested that he refers the situation of some workers who have job insecurity and potentially unscrupulous bosses. I suspect that there are many members of the opposition benches who might be familiar with an unscrupulous boss. A boss who doesn’t listen to his workers. A boss who requires some of his workers to double their workload. Maybe even a boss who exploits the rules to further his own career. Remind him of anybody?”

May was referring to the fact that Corbyn refuses to step down from his post and will stand in the upcoming Labour leadership contest despite the majority of his own MPs wanting him to resign.

Watch May criticise Corbyn in the clip below.

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