Here's why Theresa May doesn't mind newspapers obsessing over her shoes

Home Secretary Theresa May's shoes are seen during her speech to delegates at the Conservative Party annual conference in the International Convention Centre, Birmingham.Stefan Rousseau PA Archive/PA ImagesA pair of shoes Theresa May wore during the 2014 Tory Party conference.

LONDON — Theresa May has got almost as much attention for her taste in fashion as for her policies in some corners of the press since she became Prime Minister in July.

May is fond of wearing eye-catching kitten heels and flats, and editors at Britain’s biggest papers have definitely noticed. Here’s just a small selection of headlines:

But the Prime Minister says she doesn’t mind the press fawning over her footwear, even if it sometimes looks like its at the expense of her policies.

She told the Financial Times in an interview on Thursday: “Do I worry about people focusing on what I wear? No.

“There’s a story that might illustrate why. A few years ago I got into a lift in the House of Commons with a young woman who happened to be wearing a nice pair of shoes and I said: ‘Oh, nice shoes.’ And she said she liked my shoes as well. And then she looked at me and said: ‘Your shoes got me into politics.'”

She added: “I didn’t get the whole story, but something that can make people feel that they can approach a politician, or that politicians are like them, not some different species, I think is very important.”

You can read the full FT story here.

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