Theresa May's Brexit speech: Europe reacts

LONDON — On Tuesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May officially set Britain on course for a “hard Brexit.”

May said she would take Britain out of the single market in order to have full control over immigration from the EU.

It was the clearest sign yet of what sort of deal the UK will be trying to negotiate once it triggers Article 50 in March.

The German Foreign Office said it welcomed the fact May “finally outlined her Brexit ideas and that she created more clarity about UK plans.”

It added in a second tweet: “We as well want good and trustful relations and hope for a constructive process of negotiation.”

Germany reiterated though that no negotiations would begin before the UK had triggered Article 50.

In her speech, May said she would seek a transitional deal to prevent Britain from falling off the “cliff edge.” She tried to reassure Europe that it would remain its “best friend” and still shared the values that bond the European community.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, surprised and irked some European politicians on Tuesday following his “threat” that the UK would become a tax haven if it did not get the deal it wanted during the negotiations. May did no expand of the possibility of slashing taxes.

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