Theresa May has reportedly banned Apple Watches from Cabinet meetings in case Russians spies hack them

Government ministers at the top of the UK political ladder have been told they can’t wear Apple Watches to top-secret Cabinet meetings amid fears that the devices could be hacked by spies and used as listening devices, The Telegraph reports.

The newspaper says that the wearable devices, which were worn by the likes of former Justice Secretary Michael Gove during David Cameron’s leadership, have been banned under Prime Minister Theresa May.

iPads and iPhones were outlawed from Cabinet meetings in 2013 due to similar concerns. It’s unclear what devices have been approved for use during Cabinet meetings.

Electronics in general are seen as an unwelcome distraction from the important matters that are discussed during Cabinet meetings, such as national security. One of the best-known examples came when Michael Gove inadvertently played a Beyoncé song.

The Apple Watch has reportedly been banned due to concerns about Russian hacking efforts — although there is little in The Telegraph’s article to back this claim up, other than an anonymous source who says: “The Russians are trying to hack everything.”

A No.10 spokesman told Business Insider that the Prime Minister’s office does not comment on Cabinet procedure.

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