STAY AT HOME mum: My Husband Is A Fortune 500 CEO, And I Know Just As Much About The Economy As He Does

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The response to Democratic advisor Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney has been swift and damning.Already, we’ve seen Twitter erupt with some harsh 140-character messages about Rosen, and Democratic higher-ups have blasted the advisor calling her out of line.

But they’re not alone. Mothers have gotten in on the action, taking to, an online forum for mothers, to sound off about Rosen’s statement. 

Here’s some of what they have been saying under a thread titled “do you think Obama was wrong for lashing out at Ann Romney?”

Note: dh stands for “darling husband” and sahm stands for “stay at home mum.”

So, if someone stays at home then they aren’t intelligent enough to understand the economy? I think that is ridiculous. I stay at home and my dh is ceo of a fortune 500 company and after years of talking to him about work, I feel as if I am knowledgeable on the economy.”

“There is a major difference in being educated on something by proxy and actually being responsible for something. Being a cancer patient makes you educated about cancer, but it doesn’t make you an MD.”

“And as a sahm, do you worry about putting food on the table everyday? Ann Romney doesn’t have the same problem as I do. Actually, she never has the same problems as most women have.

“I would call it an accurate point, but not really a “great” one. Who gives a crap about any of these candidates’ wives’ work experience? It’s entirely irrelevant.

To be fair, it is only irrelevant if it is the wife of the candidate YOU like. Like it was irrelevant that McCain’s wife was caught stealing pain killers for herself from the foundation she funded/ran with her daddy’s money but we had to answer for every client the Rose Law firm ever represented. Even after Hillary left.”

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