There's plenty of jobs in Australia right now

Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

The number of Australian job vacancies currently sits at the highest level seen in over three years, according to data released by the ABS.

In the three months to February, the number swelled by 3.1% to 172,900 in trend terms, leaving the number of job openings up 13.4% from 12 months earlier.

Not since August 2012 have there been this many vacancies.

By sector, job openings in private firms grew by 2.7% to 157,000, leaving them up 12.4% from February 2015. Though smaller in number, government vacancies jumped by 6.8% to 15,900, leaving growth up 24.8% from the levels of a year earlier.

While a pleasing sign, and one that fits with the improvement in labour market conditions seen the second half of last year, growth in job advertisements has moderated in recent months, suggesting that hiring levels, along with job openings, may slow in the period ahead.

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