There's One Big Problem With That Bare Butt Electric Fence Challenge Video You Might Have Seen

There’s a kind-of funny video doing the viral rounds that stars a brave New Zealand girl touching an electric fence with her bare butt cheeks.

It ends with, well, poo – but maybe not in the way you’d think (or hope) it might.

Check it out if you haven’t already. It comes with a language warning, too:

You haven’t experienced life on a farm until you’ve deliberately touched an electric fence, and if you were brought up on one, you’d probably know this – wearing gumboots (rubber boots, wellies) pretty much kills the shock value.

Rubber footwear specialists Skellerup know this too. The dear Kiwi in the video is wearing their signature Red Band gumboots.

So here’s what Skellerup told Business Insider about Red Band gumboots:

Skellerup have been manufacturing hand built rubber gumboots for professional use for over 75 years. The boot in question in the Video is our Red Band Gumboot.

These boots are not a completely electrical insulative gumboot but they are designed to reduce the amount of shock that the wearer uses. We do have internal testing to ensure the insulation levels are appropriate to the application.

Farmers don’t expect to be completely insulated from electrical fences and a small shock allows them to know that the fence is on and working.

So yes, you can still get a shock. But on reading the line “internal testing to ensure the insulation levels are appropriate to the application”, it’s probably safe to assume that farmers can expect to not get thrown two metres clear of a fence if they touch it while wearing Red Band gumboots.

When further pressed on whether their testing had produced a result similar to that in the “Bare Butt Challange” video, Skellerup said:

No our testing hasn’t but a lot depends on the state of the boot i.e if the boot has a hole in it then you’re going to get whacked!

So far, this video hasn’t ended up on Jimmy Kimmel. And to be fair, the girl did take a face full of manure for her efforts.

Maybe there was a hole in her boots. Maybe she just tripped and didn’t have time to avoid planting her face squarely in a pile of poo.

We just hope it was worth it.

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