There's one big difference between Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian

Former NSW premier Mike Baird and new NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian. Photo: Daniel Munoz/ Getty Images.

Gladys Berejiklian became the 45th premier of New South Wales yesterday, taking over from Mike Baird, who unexpectedly resigned mid-term last week.

Not a lot is known about Berejiklian, the former state treasurer and Baird’s 2IC, but a video published in 2015 tells us that there’s one big difference between the two premiers.

Baird was known for his social media skills, having fun on Twitter and regularly taking to Facebook to post his personal views on public issues. Meanwhile Berejiklian didn’t have a Facebook account until Baird introduced her to the platform.

“It’s official – I’m finally on Facebook!” Berejiklian writes on her first Facebook video, just two years ago.

“My boss Mike Baird gives me a few tips on how to use this thing.”

In the video Baird says: “Gladys, meet the internet.”

“I’ve been dragged out of the dark ages,” she replies.

While it’s a good start, she makes it clear she’s not interested in expanding her reach too quickly.

“I’m not tweeting!” she says.

See the video here.

Since then she has attracted 11,270 likes to her Facebook page, and even managed to upload a couple of selfies.

One with prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s wife Lucy

And another with former Masterchef contestant Poh

And despite staying she wouldn’t tweet, she has in fact joined Twitter and has 5,237 followers — more than doubling the number she had on Monday morning before her elevation to premier — even if she has only tweeted 94 times.

Screenshot: Gladys Berejiklian/ Twitter.

*Additional reporting by Simon Thomsen.

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