There's Now A Girl Scout Candy Bar—Here's Today's Ad Brief

Girl scouts

Photo: Youtube

Nestle Crunch and the Girl Scouts have joined forces to create a Girl Scout candy bar—it came out June 1—which inspired the candy company’s first television ad in five years. A Facebook pre-sale sold out in less than a day. But Ad Age is reporting some controversy on the candy front over whether Nestle is targeting kids, which it promised not to do. Nestle denied the claims, saying that it only advertised on adult-oriented channels, like USA and Bravo. “We wouldn’t have held an auction on Rodeo Drive if we were targeting kids,” said Cherry Joh, marketing manager at Nestle. Dailey Los Angeles created the campaign. The bars are available through September.After 15 years, Little Caesars is back with the “Pizza! Pizza!” ads.

VITRO has created a visually exciting campaign for ASICS at Foot Locker called “colours that Run.” It’s an optical illusion that incorporates colours—”a cascading waterfall of paint”—and makes it appear as if the shoes are floating.

The band Black Keys is suing both Home Depot and Pizza Hut, alleging that the two companies used their songs sans permission.

Starcom MediaVest Group, a Chicago-based media buyer, has sued rival MediaCom Worldwide over a planned hire of Alicia Lisowski, svp and director, after her resignation “in an attempt to unfairly compete with [Starcom] and gain access to its business secrets.”

Wieden + Kennedy was named Ad Agency of the Year at the Cannes Lions festival, meaning that it had the highest score for all of its entries.

This Pinterest board just about sums up Cannes.

Ad Age looks at how Google became a $2 billion advertising giant.

Break Media has launched Acumen, a free insights portal that claims to identify the latest trends with the male demographic.

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